George Lucas' Special Edition Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

timtimfed George Lucas' Star Wars The Force Awakens screen 1

The internet is hitting us with more fan versions of the new Star Wars movies' teaser trailer.

Although I'm not entirely sold on the new Star Wars movie with its first teaser trailer, I am enjoying the parody and fan trailers that are already spawning from it. The latest one I've seen is 'George Lucas' Special Edition', and it's marvellous!

If you're yet to watch the official trailer you can do so here, then come back and check this one out from timtimfed's YouTube channel.

George Lucas's Special Edition trailer is packed full of Star Wars, it's overflowing with characters, special effects, and TIE fighters, so many TIE fighters. And check out the new lightsaber too, it's been given a more 'Lucas' touch as well.

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