Could Nintendo games be heading to mobile devices?

Nintendo have filed patents for its old Game Boy games to be played on mobile devices.

The US Patent and Trademark Office site show that Nintendo have applied for patent to allow its Game Boy games to be played on mobile devices.

The company originally filed the patent back in 2012, which would allow its games to be played on new platforms such as mobiles and tablets.

The patent speaks of emulation, which is basically a method of  allowing other hardware platforms to play the software that's native to another console. Modders have been using this method for years for Nintendo's, and other companies' games.

The patent Nintendo has filed doesn't necessarily signal that they're unleashing their huge back catalogue of classic games into the wild, to allow new generations, and old fans alike, to sample the nostalgic goodness. It could just be a legal tactic to make sure that Nintendo are covered. So, for now we can only hope they will eventually allow their games to be emulated on other devices in the future.

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