Throwback Friday: Eerie, Indiana

Eerie Indiana

Welcome to Throwback Friday, the weekly article that looks back at classic games and movies. This week we look at the classic TV series, Eerie, Indiana.

For those of a certain age Eerie, Indiana will be lodged firmly in your memory. A show that we all looked forward to when we got home from school, covering that slightly more adult time period after the cartoons and just before Neighbours. 

Originally aired on The Disney Channel in 1991 the show was not very popular, only recieving a little known cult status, but it was during a later run on Fox Kids in 1997 that the show really took off. This later found popularity resulted in Fox producing a spin off series called Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension.

Eerie, Indiana told the story of Marshall Teller (Omri Katz), just a normal kid from New Jersey, uprooted by his parents to move to a little town colled, funnily enough, Eerie, which has a rather spooky population of 16,661 residents. Eerie looks like a typical town in middle America but all is not what it seems. Elvis is on Marshall's paper round, Bigfoot eats out of his trash and strange goings on are never far away.

Aided by his friend, Simon Holmes (Justin Shenkarow), Marshall investigates the various phenomenon of Eerie, discovering mysteries and conspiracies around every corner. Whilst most of the town seem oblivious to the weirdness the two detectives do manage to convince some residents that something is wrong with the town. They are regularly aided by Mr Radford (John Astin), owner of the World O' Stuff, Devon (Cory Danziger), a girl Marshall falls for, and the mysterious Dash-X (Jason Marsden), a teenage boy who doesn't know where he came from.

The series had some classic episodes, such as "The ATM with the Heart of Gold", during which Marshall's Dad invents an ATM machine that becomes self aware and befriends Simon, or "The Lost Hour", during which Marshall refuses to change the time on his watch to Daylight Savings Time, forcing him into another dimension.

If you haven't seen Eerie, Indiana then I highly recommend that you do so as soon as possible. If you have seen it before then why not revisit a classic. I recently re-watched the entire series and it hasn't aged badly at all. Whilst it's quite obviously from the '90s it could almost be regarded as retro cool these days.

Eerie, Indiana is available to buy on DVD now.

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