This War of Mine is profitable in only two days on sale

This War of Mine screen 1

11 Bit Studios' new war sim claims enough sales to cover its production costs in no time at all.

This War of Mine is an indie game which explores modern war in a new way compared to more conventional war games. Developed by 11 Bit Studios, the game amassed enough sales in just two days after launch to become profitable.

The game launched on 14th November on Steam, and it's been on Steam's top sellers list for pretty much the entire time.

In This War of Mine players must look after a group of survivors during a war, and scavenge for supplies, trying to avoid the gunfire of soldiers.

Eurogamer reports that the senior writer for the game, Pawel Miechowski, told them: "Of course we're happy with commercial success, but most of all we are happy with great feedback from gamers and from reviewers.

"Games are all around us since decades so the creators and community perceive them as natural/popular form of storytelling. And so you could see it in Papers, Please or Gods Will Be Watching - these are games that tackle really well with serious topics through their fantastic gameplay. And we had the feeling we were making this experience in a right way.

"But that doesn't mean we were sure This War of Mine would be commercially and critically acclaimed. Not at all. You never know how eventually a game will do when released. So now we're very happy to see so many supportive words from the community, especially if you consider that This War of Mine is a serious experience."

If you're interested in more info on This War of Mine, head on over to the Steam Store Page. It's currently on sale with 10% off.

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