Social media terms and conditions are too complicated

A new government report asks that clearer terms and conditions are created for social media websites and apps.

A report by the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee has said that social media websites' (such as Facebook and Twitter) terms and conditions are "simply too long and complex for any reasonable person to make any real sense of."

These findings are part of a new report published by the committee. In it they also liken the terms to "engaging with Shakespeare."

The report goes on to say that terms have been drafted by lawyers for use in US court rooms, and they're mainly there to protect organizations in case they find themselves on the receiving end of legal action. The T&Cs "are simply not fit for purpose."

Social media apps come under fire too, with the report saying companies must clarify why they need access to certain information in order to use their service, as it doesn't appear to be required at all.

The report does say that there is willingness amongst social websites to help users understand how the data they share on those sites may be used.

There is a worry that current legislation is not sufficient enough, so the report asks the government to create standards for organisations to work towards, to ensure everyone knows how their data is being used in simple, clear terms.

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