Six things we learned from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

Force Awakens Stormtroopers

It was only a brief rush of shots but there's plenty to be getting on with in the first trailer for The Force Awakens.

Here's some things we've gleaned from watching the tease.

Tatooine will feature

Force awakens screen 1


We’re pretty sure the action is going back to Tatooine with the Force Awakens from the collection of desertscape shots. What the trailer does well is mix up the old with the new, so placing new faces against the familiar home planet of the Skywalkers is a fairly safe assumption. We also see that John Boyega’s as yet unknown character appears to have learned the 'disguise in a storm trooper outfit' trick.


Daisy Ridley’s character could be descended from Leia

Force Awakens screen 2


When you see Daisy Ridley before she speeds off you see her character wearing clothing that clearly recalls Princess Leia’s garb during the Battle of Endor in Return Of The Jedi. Given the ancestral nature of the Star Wars stories we're thinking Ridley’s playing Leia’s daughter.


X-Wing’s have had a new paint job

Star Wars Force Awakens X Wings


X-Wings! They look a little different from the side in the new movie, flying out in formation over a lake. Could this be Naboo the X-Wings are scrambling out from?


The Sith are back

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens trailer screen Sith saber


It’ll be interesting to find out which planet the shot above comes from. Is it a new place entirely, or Endor in the grip of winter (although the trees don’t look big enough), or some treed area of Hoth we haven’t seen yet? A Shadowed figure, whose face we don’t see (we’re thinking this is Adam Driver) with a nifty new, customised hilted broadsword Lightsaber - definitely Sith.


R2-D2 has evolved into a football

Force Awakens Screen 3


With The Force Awakens set 30 years after Return of the Jedi it stands to reason that things have moved on (as displayed in the smoothed Stormtrooper helmets). It appears from the beeps and squeaks coming from this little gizmo that the droid generation to follow R2 have found a new way to travel, although it does have us mulling over the dalek-conundrum of how it propels itself up stairs. In its scene, our new droid is moving with the same urgency of other desert-bound and apparently Rebel figures in the trailer, so this looks like R2’s replacement.


The Millenium Falcon is still cool

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Screenshot


OK, so it’s blatantly obvious the Millenium Falcon’s coming back, but seeing it speeding about again after 30 years is a particularly rousing moment in the trailer as John Williams’ legendary score comes in. From this brief glimpse it appears the Falcon hasn’t been ruined in the remake, although we’re convinced it looks thinner. It’ll be interesting to see who is helming Han Solo’s ship.

Although deliberately short, the first Force Awakens tease appears to establish the new hero, heroine and dark villain which connect with Luke. Leia and Darth from the original. We know the Rebels, the Empire and the Sith are all making a comeback and despite not seeing old faces known to be returning, we’re shown some recognisable nods to Episodes IV to VI. Now we just have to wait another year to see if the new film does the old ones justice.

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