We could be saying goodbye to the iPhone 5c

Apple might be about to discontinue the iPhone 5c.

According to a report from Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times, Apple will discontinue their plastic iPhone 5c next year.

The report claims that Apple's suppliers Wistron and Foxconn will cease production of the device in the middle of 2015, as Apple looks to streamline its smartphone offerings once again.

Apple's iPhone 5c never became as popular as the tech giant had anticipated prior to its launch. It debuted alongside the much higher-spec iPhone 5s and its sales figures were rather disappointing in comparison.

The 5c was essentially an iPhone 5 inside a redesigned plastic shell. Its plusses were how well made it felt despite being plastic, some even argued that it felt better to hold and use than the 5s did.

Other than its nice plastic shell, it uses old pretty old and underpowered hardware in comparison with other iPhone models.

The handset's price is very off-putting too. Apple only sell the 8GB version now and are charging £319 which is a little steep considering you can get smartphones with more features and power for the same price or cheaper.

Apple did try to boost sales numbers for the iPhone 5c late last year according to a MacRumours report, but such promotions never paid off the way the world's most valuable company had hoped.

You could say that with the iPhone 5c Apple went a little off course. Removing it would bring back the streamline to their smartphone line-up, especially as all their other handsets come equipped with Touch ID.