Watch Dogs on Wii U appears to be a subpar affair

DigitalFoundry Watch Dogs Wii U 1

The Digital Foundry folks have carried out some tests on Nintendo's version of Ubisoft's open world hacker title.

Eurogamer's Digital Foundry have performed some of their welcomed analysis for the Nintendo Wii U version of Watch Dogs, and what did they discover? Well, the game isn't really better than the other systems' versions, and the 6 month wait appears to have not been to offer improvements.

Ubisoft's hack 'em up launched on the other consoles in May this year, and it took another 6 months for the game to arrive on Nintendo's Wii U last week.

In Digital Foundry's analysis of the game they state:

"With a visual standard that matches the PS3's in almost every area, the Wii U offers by no means the best way to play Watch Dogs. We're spared the heavy tearing of Sony's last-gen console but the v-synced playback on Nintendo's console comes at a high cost. As is the trend for many of the ports to Nintendo's platform, performance is a genuine issue. To an extent, having an off-TV play option for Watch Dogs is plus, in much the same way it is for most Wii U editions of last-gen games. However, it's clear the touchscreen aspect of Nintendo's controller is under-utilised. It's been an extra six month wait for Wii U owners, but this hasn't manifested in any kind of tangible boost, leaving us feeling somewhat disappointed.

If this is the end of major, multi-platform, third-party support on Wii U, it's a disappointing conclusion to a story of mixed fortunes. What's clear is that the hardware design of the Wii U is original and distinct: titles like Rayman Legends and Need for Speed: Most Wanted demonstrated that targeting the system's strengths produces excellent results, but Wii U's integration into the modern multi-platform era clearly proved troublesome for developers, particularly in terms of accommodating its CPU design."

The article is quite extensive and covers the ever-discussed issue of frame rate - which the Wii U version struggles maintain at 30fps.

Take a look at the frame rate test video below.

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