Location, Location, Location: top next gen GTA V areas you must visit

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We've rounded up the top locations to visit in Grand Theft Auto V, inbetween performing heists and pimping your ride.

Open world games can sometimes seem daunting. Offering players a huge sandbox in which they can play, explore, and potentially discover hidden gems and easter eggs the developers have dotted about their world. I'm guilty of playing a game's story and then simply putting the controller down to never re-enter that world. But there's so much to explore in these places other than what the story content puts infront of you and guides you to. So, in this article we'll list some of our favourite places to visit inside Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V.

Whether you're a GTA V veteran and have been playing since the game originally came out last year, or even if you're a brand new player on the next gen systems, there could be places listed below that you're yet to explore. All the locations and images are taken from the PS4 version of the game, so even if you're yet to play the next gen version you should check out how they look compared to last gen.

Top of the sky

This one is kinda easy. All you need to do is grab a chopper or plane and head straight for space. Once you're up as high as you can go you'll see the the huge world Rockstar has crafted. Then just leap out, if you have a parachute, and watch as the ground slowly comes into clearer view.

The Fairground

The fairground is located at the pier on Del Perro Beach. It's best visited at night, in our opinion, as all the rides are lit up. Take a ride on the 'Ferris Whale' whilst absorbing the views of Los Santos lit up in the evening. You can also ride the Leviathon rollercoaster, and there are some telescopes to look through and take in the sea view.

The Maze

This maze is located at the FIB building just outside of Los Santos. It's not the most exiciting of locations, but it's pretty cool to run around and see if you can make it out. It also houses one of the 50 scraps of a conffession letter you need to collect for one of the game's missions.

The Airport

If you want to steal yourself the biggest plane in the game, the airport in Los Santos is where you go. Be ready to bag yourself a wanted level as soon as you set foot there though.

Fort Zancudo

If its military hardware you're looking for, Fort Zancudo is where you'll find it. Fighter jets, tanks, trucks, cargo planes, and more. But you'll have to make it in first, and then out. You'll gather a whole lot of heat by breaking in, but the rewards can be oh so sweet.

The Altruist Cult

This is a group of unsavoury cultist folk who live in their own secluded camp on the side of a mountain through the woods. Playing as Trevor you have the opportunity to drop off certain randomly encountered people to the cult for money, but you wouldn't do that, would you? The camp is well fortified, with watchtowers, walls, and some of the cultists have guns too. But when you go in be wary, many of the residents walk about with no pants on... everything is on show.

Walk of Fame

A GTA version of Hollywood's own walk of fame, the Vinewood Walk of Fame, features the stars of many different radio hosts, actors, cartoon characters and more from previous GTA games. Head on down and see how many names you recognise.

Mount Chiliad

The largest mountain in GTA V, Mount Chiliad, is a stand-out focus point in the north of San Andreas. It's also the subject of much speculation, and a conspiracy, all about UFOs, jetpacks, and an egg. It offers up some nice views of the northern areas of San Andreas too, and you can ride the cable car up to it.

Bottom of the ocean

If you saw our article yesterday about the GTA V underwater documentary you may not feel the need to explore the game's oceans. However, there's still a lot more to be discovered, so grab yourself a submarine and head out into the great blue yonder. Or do what I did and go searching for UFOs wearing scuba gear. Shortly after these screenshots were taken I was attacked by sharks.

Grove Street

This is the location of the Grove Street Families' homes, and GTA: San Andreas' protagonist Carl 'CJ 'Johnson's home in particular. This location is especially significant for those of you who played GTA: San Andreas, and want to revisit one of its key areas. Revel in the nostalgia.

And there you have it, some of our top locations to visit in GTA V. There is an absolute wealth of content in this game, and many more places to see and explore. Let us know which we've missed, and tell us your favourite places to hang out in San Andreas.

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