Peter Capaldi’s 2014 Whovian Christmas shares its name with a Wham! track

Christmas is fast approaching and for Doctor Who fans preparing to settle in for the annual Christmas outing of the regenerating Time Lord, a few details have trickled online.

During previous festive seasons the obligatory Doctor Who Christmas specials have seen regenerations, tragic romances and even an Australian pop star.

This year (‘to save us from tears?’) Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat appears to be taking inspiration from the chart hits of Christmas past with a special entitled Last Christmas.

It’s unclear, as is the case with the famous jingle-belling Wham! song, as to whether the Doctor will be giving away either of his two hearts, but should he do so then it’s likely they’ll be given away the very next day.

Here’s an image of the Doctor and co all ‘Christmassed-up’ for 2014

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