Far Cry 4 Arena Master and Arcade Poker apps arrive for mobile

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A duo of companion apps for IOS and Android are ready and waiting for Far Cry fans.

You can now take Far Cry 4 with you to play a game of poker or manage your own arena challenges. Ubisoft stated in a press release this week that Far Cry 4 Arcade Poker and Far Cry 4 Arena Master are now out for iOS and Android devices to compliment the publisher’s Himalayan FPS action adventure.

Arcade Poker lets players earn in-app currency that can lead to cash-outs for money to use in Far Cry 4. In the game players need to make hands out of a set number of cards that fall slowly to the bottom of the screen. Cards can be flipped repeatedly into new suits or values, but if they hit the bottom before a needed card is found you’ll slide into playing the hand you have. To win a hand you need to meet given objectives such as making a flush.

With Arena Master players can manage the opposition sent against an arena challenger, sending forth a mix of animals and armed locals. Different unit types offer varying stats and currency earned with arena wins and successfully completed missions on an overworld map can be used to gain additional minions to join your cause. Players can level up a ranking system leading to higher survival odds against harder enemies. You can also test out your battle hardened gladiatorial armies to challenge other Far Cry 4 players. A trailer for Arena Master is below.


Far Cry 4’s new spin-off apps arrive after a rather shaky start for the game that led Ubisoft to set up a live update page to address reported issues, including one that resulted in PS3 gamers with a digital copy of Far Cry 4 having to delete their save files.

New Far Cry 4 trailer - A shiny new Himalayan playground awaits!

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