Watch Destiny's The Dark Below expansion DLC cinematic

Destiny The Dark Below leaked trailer screen 1

The Dark Below's cinematic has been leaked online ahead of its release in December.

For those of you looking forward to the first expansion DLC for Bungie's Destiny - The Dark Below - there's some good news, as you can now watch the opening cinematic, as it's been leaked online.

The Dark Below is the first of two announced expansions for the game, which add in new content including missions, Strikes, Raids and more.

The description of the below video from Mr Jester6598 on YouTube says, "I can not explain how to get access to this video on the game as it was due to an error that i was able to see this."

The cinematic hears the voice of Eris (a new character) talking about "the pit" and how she's seen "what the Hive calls a God." She carries on by saying, "Crota, son of Oryx. He took everything from me. He will turn his eyes to Earth and only a true weapon of the Light can stop his wrath. Now you must face what lurks in the Dark Below."

The Dark Below launches on 9th December, and Bungie revealed a new EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow you can get with the DLC by either buying the Season Pass or The Dark Below before 15th January 2015.

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