Dota 2's new hero arrives, and the Nemesis Assassin Event is now live

Dota 2 Nemesis Assassin Event screen 1

The big update and event announced earlier in the week is now available to download for Valve's MOBA on Steam.

OK, so we've been waiting for this new Dota 2 event to kick off since that free comic arrived earlier in the week, and now it's happening. The big update has arrived and the Nemesis Assassin event has begun, plus the new Hero - Oracle - has been added to the game.

From now until 7th December the Nemesis Assassin Event will give players the chance to win trophies and items for their heroes. Each day of the new event will see contracts put on the lives of heroes listed on Oracle's Nemesis Registry. The contracts can be "Fulfilled or Denied" whilst playing a match.

Basically, if someone in the match owns the new Phantom Assassin Manifold Paradox Arcana then whoever is playing PA in that match will receive a contract to kill one of the heroes on Oracle's registry. PA wins if she kills her target before he kills her, and the target wins if he kills PA before she kills him. Simple.

Whichever team wins the contract, as well as the match, will receive a trophy. And each Arcana owner in the match triggers a chance for the winning team to receive a 'cluster-drop' of items.

Details on the news items, hero, and update can be found here. And you can read up on the Nemesis Assassin Event on the Dota 2 update pages here and here.

Are you ready to face Oracle and PA in all your matches for the next two weeks? You'd better be.

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