This is the sound of the Philae Lander first bouncing on comet 67

Comet 67P sci-fi spaceship image 1

A short audio clip has been released of the Philae Lander touching down on comet 67.

The Philae Lander probe that landed on comet 67 last week may be hibernating at the moment but we are still getting some quite fascinating information from the European Space Agency project.

Today, the German Aerospace Centre has released a two second long audio clip of the noise that was made when probe impacted with comet 67's surface.

While this may not sound very interesting, scientists can actually find out quite a lot of information from this tiny clip.

For example, Klaus Seidensticker, a researcher from the space centre said: "The Philae lander came into contact with a soft layer several centimeters thick. Then, just milliseconds later, the feet encountered a hard, perhaps icy layer on 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko."

Philae was able to make the recording thanks to the Surface Electric Sounding and Acoustic Monitoring Experiment (SESAME) that are embedded into its feet.

The team behind Rosetta and the Philae Lander hope to be able to wake the probe up in a few months so long as its solar cells are able to absorb enough of the the sun's energy.