Gorilla Glass 4 wants to make your smartphone screen shatterproof

Corning is reportedly set to reveal Gorilla Glass 4 today.

The feeling of panic when you drop you beloved smartphone and watch it crashing to the ground is something nobody wants to experience, unfortunately though millions upon millions of people have experienced this exact feeling.

With modern smartphones using bigger and shinier displays than ever before the screen has become a major vulnerability.

Corning, the company that make the glass for the market's best smartphones is aware of this fact and is working hard to make smashed displays a thing of the past.

Today in a laboratory in New York they plan to unveil the next generation in smartphone glass, Gorilla Glass 4. Corning have reportedly worked incredibly hard to study why and how glass displays smash, unsurprisingly most come from being dropped on hard surfaces like concrete which aren't very forgiving. 

Cliff Hund, president of Corning East Asia is quoted by Re/code as saying: “They bought a bunch of phones, and started dropping them in our labs with a scientifically defined test mechanism."

In testing Gorilla Glass 4 has apparently survived falls of one-metre onto hard surfaces 80% of the time, which is an impressive improvement over previous iterations of the super strong glass.

This news comes at a time when Corning are experiencing dropping sales due the lower demand for smartphones and tablet, and also increased competition form cheaper glass firms and sapphire display advancements.

The display of the iPhones was strongly rumoured to be made from sapphire glass which is the second hardest materials on the planet behind diamond; the company they signed a deal with to produce the displays ended up not being able to handle the manufacturing responsibility, so it was ultimately scraped.

However the iPhone's home button and camera cover are both made of sapphire, and the display in the Apple Watch will also be made from the sapphire.

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