Find out how to unlock a hidden easter egg in Batman Arkham City that’s been left undiscovered until now.

A new previously unknown easter egg has been found in Batman: Arkham City some three years after the game originally released.

The egg is a message from Julian Gregory Day, a.k.a. Calender Man, who spends the game locked away beneath Arkham City’s courthouse. Although Calender Man never leaves his cell he will taunt you with various changing snippets of dialogue that differ if you approach his cell on holidays throughout the year. A trophy/achievement could be unlocked if you visited Calendar Man once a month for 12 months on specific holidays.

A recemt enigmatic YouTube video (thought to have been posted by developers Rocksteady) where Calendar Man was saying previously unheard words has prompted fans to try and figure out how to unlock Day’s secret musings.

Now the Batman Arkham channel on Youtube shows a video going through how to trigger the hidden easter egg. To do so you need to set your console or PC’s calendar to 13th December 2004. The significance of this date is that it is the day on which Rocksteady was founded.

Check out the video below to hear the hidden dialogue. Calendar Man, given the significance of the date appears to stand as a metaphor for the Arkham series – he talks about being there at the beginning and the end of things. Whether this bears any significance on the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game will become clear when the game releases on 2nd June 2015.

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