Big Dota 2 update coming this week: new hero, arcana set and more

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A new Nemesis Assassin Event is due to arrive soon, along with new hero Oracle, and a bunch of new items and changes.

The arrival of a free Dota 2 comic a few days ago hinted at a new hero in Valve's popular MOBA, and also the possibility of an event. Well, now Day 2 of the Forseer's Contract page has appeared, and it's bringing quite a few goodies for players to sink their teeth into this week.

First off, Oracle is coming to Dota 2, this week in fact, according to the new update. His abilities have been detailed too, which I've laid out for you below:

Fortune's End - Channel power into a bolt of scouring energy that stops and removes buffs from enemies.

Fate's Edict - Briefly render a target immune to magic damage, while boosting all damage from other sources and removing their ability to attack.

Purifying Flames - Instantly burn a friend or foe, then heal them slowly over time.

False Promise - Grant an ally invisibility while moving and attacking. Any damage or healing they receive will be delayed until the spell ends.

Oracle is sounding pretty useful here. Especially his ult, False Promise. If he's in your match you'll want to make sure you get those sentry wards down, or even a gem. Otherwise you'll have invisible heroes running about, killing you. A lot.

Next up there's a new Arcana item coming for Phantom Assassin - the Manifold Paradox. It switches PA to dual-wielded, glowing blades, which evolve and change as she 'fulfills contracts'. Which we imagine this is when she performs kills, which are also marked on the map by a 'Paradox Memorial. She'll have an altered voice, custom hero and spell icons, new base skin with glowy, ambient effects, a custom loadout pose and effects too. Her enemies will see a special splash effect when hit with Coup de Grace, and there's a new emoticon, custom portrait  and minimap icon, along with custom spell effects for all her abilities.

You can currently pre-order the Manifold Paradox set for 20% off, priced at £16.79. Check out the item page to see more details on what you'll receive.

New item sets for Centaur Warrunner, Clockwerk, Timbersaw, Venomancer, and Necrophos are coming too. They can be bought individually, or part of the new Treasure of the Defender's Vision chest, which has a chance to drop a rare courier.

The Charm of the Defender's Vision allows you to predict whether your team will win a match; if you predict correctly three times it'll transform into a Treasure of the Defender's Vision. Only two correct predictions means it turns into a Charming Celebration that has three uses. The item can only be bought during the Nemesis Assassin Event, which is what all of this huge update appears to be about.

The Radiant and Dire creeps are being given a makeover. They will now get larger, and ever more radiant or dire, as you push towards the enemies' base.

Dota 2 Forseer's Contract Creeps

Heroic Effigies are coming for those who bought a Compendium for this year's International. It allows players to sculpt their favourite hero, along with any items they have equipped, into a statue to be place in their team's base.

The 2014 Compendium gems have 'awoken'. If you look in your armory you should find a new 2014 Compendium emoticon and gem.

Day 3 of this new update is yet to reveal itself, but once it does we'll learn more about the Nemesis Assassin Event all of this surrounds. There's a huge list of additional changes and tweaks in the new update to. I've listed it all for you below, as per the update page:


  • Enabled Broodmother in Captain's Mode
  • Enabled Phoenix in Captain's Mode
  • Fixed Midnight Pulse rounding down
  • Fixed Illusions not showing the same Black King Bar charges as the primary hero
  • Fixed recursive damage loop with stolen Fatal Bonds and Sticky Napalm
  • Fixed Spirit Bear being unable to pick up Bounty Runes
  • Fixed Pounce not being removed by Blade Fury
  • Fixed some minor incorrect purgeability behaviors with Invulnerable states on Bane, Ember Spirit, Faceless Void, Morphling and Storm Spirit
  • Fixed Runes not spawning at the right time in save/load games
  • Fixed save/load not remembering Black King Bar charges
  • Fixed some cases where reconnecting to a match would fail until the client was restarted
  • Town Portal Scroll effect coloring intensified to show more of the casting player's color


  • Improved detection of Poor Network Conditions. Now it can trigger if multiple players experience degraded connection quality, even if they do not totally drop connection. When poor network connections are detected, the match is immediately safe to leave, match results are not recorded, and prediction items are not consumed
  • Fixed a bug which caused end-of-match rewards, such as All Hero Challenge progress, to not be granted if players left very quickly after a match ended at the same time that match signout was delayed


  • Added Phantom Assassin Bot
  • Added Oracle Bot
  • Bots can no longer use buyback if affected by an Aghanim's Scepter-upgraded Reaper's Scythe


  • Added new sounds for each rune type
  • Added a new sound for when Linken's Sphere is cast on an ally
  • Added a new sound for Helm of the Dominator
  • Added a new sound for Spirit Breaker's Empowering Haste activation
  • Added a sound layer to Desolator attacks
  • Updated the sound for Roshan's Slam
  • Updated the sound for Windranger's Windrun
  • Basic attacks that miss or are evaded no longer play sounds


  • New healthbars added for Ancient buildings, Roshan, and hero creeps (Spirit Bear, Familiars etc)
  • The item context menu now allows "Move to Stash" while dead
  • Fixed alt-pinging the enemy's item sometimes getting truncated
  • Linken Sphere now shows up as a buff icon when cast on allies
  • Fixed the Reaper's Scythe indicator not appearing in the top bar when buyback is unavailable to a killed hero
  • Allow tab cycling (without unit selection) between owned units to cycle to illusions
  • If Unified Unit Orders is unchecked, holding down control while issuing orders will only issue the order to the selected unit group and not the entire selection
  • Damage taken by illusions is now expressed in ability and item descriptions as the total amount of damage that the illusion will take. Previously, it was shown as an amount of bonus damage to then be added to the base 100%
  • Several tooltip adjustments and fixes
  • Added a Terse option to Fight Recap
  • Spectating in DotaTV will now show player pings and drawings
  • Added an option for sorting items in your armory by those received most recently
  • Reduced teammate evaluation survey to 1 question


  • Fixed crash from Lion Infernal Wings weapon particle
  • Fixed broken eyelid animation for flying Prismatic Drake courier
  • Fixed mesh inside wrist guards for Battletrap armor
  • Fixed custom portrait for Crystal Maiden when equipped with Yulsaria's Glacier
  • Enabled item set for Lone Druid Wolf Hunter and added Spirit of Calm to the Tools of Haruspex item set
  • Fixed Eki Bukaw ward hitboxes
  • Fixed eye attaches for Lil Nova courier
  • Updated foot particles for Mirana's Sapphire Sabre-Lynx mount
  • Updated emoticons in the DotaCinema Captains Draft 2.0 bundle


  • Magnus - Increased texture budget for his weapon to 256x256
  • Elder Titan - Enabled alpha-test

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