Fallout: Lonestar could be the game all Fallout fans deserve right now

Fallout Lonestar Sherf concept

The Fallout modding community is working on a stand-alone project using using Fallout: New Vegas as a template.

Join me, fellow Fallout fans, let's take a break from trawling the internet in search of Fallout 4 rumours, and let's stop being disappointed with all those hoaxes about the game. There's a new Fallout game in town, well a mod actually, but it looking rather good.

Fallout: Lonestar is a fan-made mod currently in development for Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, which was released in 2010. The project is the brainchild of Christopher Means, who set out to initially create a mod for the game that was just going to be a single town in his native Texas.

When Means attended GDC in Austin he met Chris Avellone, one of the designers for Fallout: New Vegas, and pitched his mod idea to the developer. Avellone, who was taken by the idea, convinced Means to broaden the project's scope, and even helped him recruit more Fallout community members to work on the mod.

Now the mod is looking more like a fully-fledged game project since Means' GDC encounter, and it sounds like something I'm sure many Fallout fans would like to play.

Take a look at the first development diary for Fallout: Lonestar below, which hears from project lead Christopher Means as he talks about the mod's origins as well as it's setting. You'll get to see some of the project's concept art, and talk of how companions will play a large role too.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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