Dragon Age: Inquisition first impressions

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Adam's been playing a bit of BioWare's new Dragon Age game on Xbox One.

I've been playing some Dragon Age: Inquisition over the past few days, and I thought I'd better give you a quick word or two on my first impressions of it.

First let's begin by highlighting that I haven't played a Dragon Age game since Dragon Age 2 first came out in 2011. I remember liking it, but feeling it lacked in the more tactical aspects I loved from the first game's combat, Dragon Age: Origins. So, Dragon Age Inquisition could have gone either way for me with that aspect, which worried me a little.

However, so far combat feels great. It has a nice mix of the real-time, more action-focussed combat from the second game, but pausing to go into the tactical view is really satisfying. It's probably not as deep, tactically, as I'd like it to be, but it's definitely fun, and gets the job done. You can position your party members where you'd like them to be on the battlefield, and also set their AI behaviours whilst you're not in direct control, if you like.

I set up my Inquisition world on the Dragon Age Keep before venturing off into the unknown, so that jogged some memories of the story and lore a little bit. Dragon Age Keep is basically a companion website to Inquisition, it allows you to import data from playthroughs of previous games in the Dragon Age series, to shape what state your Inquisition world will be in when you begin to play. It bases it on all your choices in past game adventures. It's a great feature, and you should definitely check it out, not least to help jog your memory of everything.

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On the aesthetic side of things the game looks beautiful. I'm playing it on Xbox One and it's using the console's hardware to great effect. You can see far off into the distance in the game's environments, which usually prompts exploration of outlying ruins or expanses. Spell and ability effects glow and flicker beautifully, and there's a realistic smoke effect that billows around you when you use stealth as a Rogue.

The story is a slow burner to start off with, but that's probably because I've taken a lot of time to tackle some of the many, many side quests. There appears to a heck of a lot to do. Voice acting is on point, and the characters are as diverse and interesting as you'd expect from a BioWare game.

I've dabbled with the new War Table aspect of Inquisition too, which lets you pick and choose where you'd like to go once you've reached that part of the story. I can send out my agents to take on tasks for me also, whilst I personally progress the Inquisition's influence through direct action.

I won't say much more at the moment, other than Dragon Age: Inquisition is certainly shaping up to be a great RPG experience. I'll bring you our full review once I've finished, which could be quite a while seeing as the game appears to grow in size every time I come to play it.

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