Scorn Kickstarter Now Open


First Person Horror Adventure Scorn is now open on Kickstarter

Scorn is a First Person Horror adventure currently in development by Ebb Software Studio, which is now looking for funding on Kickstarter.

The game is set in a universe reminiscent of the artworks of H. R. Giger, an alien-esque landscape of bio-mechanical domes and structures. The player will be thrown into this world  and will be up to the them to give their own interpretation of the events, themes and their role in this world. In this way the player  will experience these themes and events in their own way as apposed to having a ready made character and a story pushed upon them.

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Scorn also brings some uniques gameplay features, detailed below.

Cohesive "lived in" world - An open ended world with interconnected regions to explore. Each region is a maze with various rooms and paths. The environment is has been designed to be like a character in itself. Each location has an individual story and theme with characters and puzzles that are integral to the setting. As players progress they will unlock new areas of the game whilst aquiring new skills and items.

Full body awareness - Players will be fully aware of their characters body and movement enhancing the immersion of the game. Interaction with the world is also realistic, objects will be held in your hands (instead of floating in mid air) and machines will be controles using the specific controls of that machine.

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No HUD - To enhance the fear and immersion into the game there will be no HUD, the player will have to read the environment to find their direction.

Defined and Limited Inventory and Ammo management - A greater sense of awareness will be created in the game by limiting the players Ammo and Inventory. Players will have to decide whether to fight or flee while taking care not to cause their environment to become hostile. In order to advance the player will have to adapt their style.

You can view the Scorn Trailer below.

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Ebb Software aim to release Scorn for PC, Oculus Rift and PS4.

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