'The Doctor Is In The House' Scientists Develop New Handheld Device.


US Scientists Develop A Home Device For Those With Limited Medical Care.

Fed up with surgery waiting times? Well this doctor will see you now. 

A device developed by US scientists from the DNA Medical Institute may change the way we visit the doctors and change the lives of many others who have limited access to medical care.

“There are two billion people on Earth who have no access to ready medical care. We set out to fix that – by developing a device that allows you to diagnose yourself no matter where you are,” said Eugene Chan, who leads the team at the institute.  

The device replicates hundreds of complex and expensive lab tests by analyzing just one drop of blood. The rHEALTH (Reusable Handheld Electrolyte and Lab Technology for Humans) device operates using nano sensors that can measure many conditions such as HIV and other viruses. A patch is also available for the device that can monitor heart rate, body temperature, and other bodily functions with the information all being contained in a single unit.

The device has just been awarded the top $525,000 prize for the annual Nokia Sensing X challenge.

But now the team are hoping for success in commercialising the project. Which would help for example,people suffering from Cancer.

According to Cancer Research, 50,000 people in the UK die each year and this is due to late diagnosis.With Cardiovascular diseases still being one of the biggest killers, the device could essentially detect abnormal blood tests and prompt a hasty visit to the doctor.

Chan hopes that the FDA will give the device approval so that manufacturers could scale up production.



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