Labour’s best hope - bring back David Miliband!

Ed Miliband - well known and likeable? Even Chuka Umunna, has mixed Ed up wtih Dave. YouGov’s poll suggests, a switch in brothers would be best for Labour.

Ed’s older brother is not coming back, but according to YouGov he’s the best chance Labour’s got.

The poll, conducted between the 13th and 14th November, continues to highlight the Labour leader’s poor performance, with 18% saying he is doing a good job, compared to the 74% in disagreement.

The poll gave Labour a two point lead over the Conservatives (33%-31%) initially.

However, when the names of leaders are mentioned, the numbers tell a different story. When the question asks how respondents would vote, including the names of the current party leaders, the Conservatives have a clear three point lead (33%-30%), giving David Cameron the edge.

With Ed as leader, Labour’s chances are slim at best. This is only highlighted further when a later question asks respondents who they would vote for, this time placing David Miliband at the helm of the Labour party. In this case, Labour get a three point lead over the Conservatives (34%-31%).

Ed Miliband’s approval ratings are at an all time low. For the Labour party, the once-would-be leader, David Miliband, is the party’s only hope.

Additionally, when Ed Miliband’s name is changed to Alan Johnson, Labour lead 34%-32%, giving Labour a higher lead than the current situation.

With Andy Burnham in place as Labour leader, the Conservatives lead 33%-32%, whilst Labour would perform even worse with Yvette Cooper at the helm, as 34% say the would vote Tory, compared to the 30% who would choose Labour.

What the poll clearly indicates is that Ed Miliband is one of the party’s worst options, however, Burnham and Yvette would not do much better. Only Alan Johnson and the former MP David Miliband would do a better job than Ed.

Ed Miliband could still walk into Downing Street next May, but the chances of that are growing slimmer every day. Only David Miliband could save the Labour party and as he is no longer an MP, the time for that change is gone.

Of course, if David Miliband had been elected Labour leader then the situation could be different, but if Labour loses the general election in less than six months time there will be those wondering: what if?

Politics should be about policy rather than personality, but in this 21st century age of social media, cameras on every corner and interconnectedness on a level never seen before, personality matters significantly.

And for Labour, come May 2015, that, in the shape of Ed Miliband, could be their downfall.

The full results of YouGov’s poll (of 1975 GB adults) with the Sunday Times can be found here:

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