HITC’s Sunday Screenshots: Grand Theft Auto V

The weekly feature looking at images from our favourite games.

In Last week’s Sunday Screenshots Adam showed us his images from Banished, this week I revisited my Snapmatic account to bring you my top images from GTA V and GTA Online on the Xbox 360.

Now I’m sure we all know what GTA V is so I don’t think I need to say too much about the game do I? Los Santos and Blaine County are constant sources of inspiration for someone like me, who dabbles in photography now again. You are constantly faced by beautiful scenery, unusual happenings and occasionally hidden treats that many players could easily miss. That latter point is perhaps the true beauty of any open world gaming experience, discovering new areas and witnessing events unique to your particular gaming experience. Will anyone else have seen that exact car in that exact place running over that exact person whilst being destroyed by that exact train? Probably not, which is why being quick with your camera is a must.

So let’s get on with the gallery, starting with a simple selfie taken in my apartment in Rockford Hills.

Rockford Hills Appartment Selfie

 Next up let's have a look at some of the stunning scenery you can find around Los Santos and Blaine County.

Sunset over Fort Zancudo (from really high up)

Sunset over Fort Zancudo


Goma Street Palms

Goma Street Palms


Los Santos at Night

Los Santos at Night


El Gordo Lighthouse (Taken from Mount Gordo)

El Gordo Lighthouse


Ron Alternates Wind Farm (Taken from the Palmer-Taylor Power Station)

Ron Alternates Wind Farm


Los Santos International Airport (From a different angle)

Los Santos International


A Floating Rock in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness (It's always interesting to find a glitch)

Floating Rock


Ocean Cave  

Ocean Cave


Of course it's not all landscapes and scenery in GTA so next here's a selection of people and events.

Mime in Del Perro

Mime in Del Perro


Homeless on Integrity Way

Homeless on Integrity Way


Party Girl in Vinewood Hills

Party Girl


Trevor Chilling Out At Home

Trevor at home


Franklin's New Album Cover (Taken in Dorset Drive)

Franklins New Album Cover


Michael Being Stalked By Trevor 

Michael Stalked By Trevor


FIB's Protecting Some Scientists (Taken in the Grand Senora Desert, never did get to the bottom of this)

FIB's With Some Scientists


Train Destroying An FIB Car (Taken in Roy Lowenstein Blvd)

Train Destroys FIB Car


So that's it from this week's Sunday Screenshots, I hope you've enjoyed my travels around Los Santon and Blaine County, if you have any images you would like to share then please feel free to link your galleries in the comments.

I'll leave you with my personal favourite.

Selfie In A Window On A Crane (Taken in Pillbox Hill)

Selfie in a window

Sunday Screenshots will return next week.

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