Free Dota 2 comic signals new 'Oracle' hero arrival

Dota 2 Forsee's Contract comic

Valve have uploaded a free web comic for Dota 2, which hints at a new in-game event and hero.

A free comic that's appeared on Valve's Dota 2 website could herald the addition of a new hero for the game  - Oracle.

The latest update on the website is called the 'Forseer's Contract', and we imagine it's going to be some kind of in-game event similar to the likes of Diretide. But we'll have to wait and see.

The comic features Phantom Assassin on an assassination mission to take out Oracle, but when she arrives he offers her a new mission, with a rather large glowing sword. Valve says to 'come back next week to learn more' once you've read the comic, which you can do right here.

I've never played the original Dota, but seeing as Dota 2 is receiving the heroes from that game on a periodic basis, it's very likely Oracle could be the next hero to eventually join the roster. If and when it's announced he's joining the fray we'll give you some more details on him.

An additional note from Valve says they've redesigned the Dota 2 Workshop to include a voting queue, making it easier for users to find new items to vote on.

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