Tested - taking Cosplay to the next level


Website and Youtube channel Tested are teaching you how to up your special effects game

The internet has been awash with stories about a piece of Futurama Cosplay this week so we decided to take a look at it's source, Tested.

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Tested.com Answer the big questions when it comes to Special Effects and Cosplay, How to make a 3D printed Lightsaber, How to make Walking Dead level Zombie makeup or How to make a 3D Hologram.

You will likely have seen some of their articles before as their work is extremely impressive. Below is the video that has exploded on the Internet this week of the Dr Hubert Farnsworth Cosplay by effects artist Frank Ippolito.

Essentially a community of special effects artists, Tested's mission is to show the public how it's done through instructional videos and features on specific artists works. 

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Tested have also tackled another beloved Futurama character, Dr Zoidberg, with hilarious and terrifying effect.

 To check out all of their projects and to get some highly informative hints and tips to take your cosplay or effects skills to the next level you can find them out at their Official Site or over on their YouTube Channel.

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