South Park's Oculus Rift episode will keep you guessing

South Park Oculus Rift episode screen 1

A whole South Park episode based around virtual reality can really mess with your mind.

Virtual reality has taken many leaps and bounds in its advancement over the past few years, with the main frontrunner being the Oculus Rift, and South Park have addressed that by basing a whole episode around virtual reality, with hilarious results.

In the episode we see Cartman convincing Butters that he's experiencing a virtual world, but from there it goes all 'Sword Art Online'... and maybe a little Inception... with a dash of the Matrix. It's just super-confusing, but brilliant.

Also, this is South Park, so if you're expecting pleasantness and fluffy bunnies, instead of stabby ladies of the night, prolific swearing, and people getting punched in the nether regions, just don't watch. But if you're up for all of that you can watch the episode over here.

About a week ago we reported on South Park addressing freemium games too, which is just as funny, and incredibly accurate.

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