HITC's Kickstarter project of the week - iBox Nano: World's smallest 3D printer

iBox Nano

In a new HITC series we are going to be bringing you the best new technology Kickstarter projects from each week.

The concept that a product could be printed simply using a printer was one that a few years ago would have seemed foreign to many. In recent years though printing has taken leaps and bounds; now we have machines capable of printing things ranging from plastic objects to human food.

Currently 3D printers aren't really that accessible to regular consumers like you and me, but a Kickstarter company could be about to change that with a 3D printer that they have developed.

It is called the iBox Nano and its developers iBox Printers say that it is the 'world's smallest, least expensive 3D printer'. They claim that most 3D printers aren't available widely because they are too 'expensive, large, noisy and complicated' and that they have tried to solve all of those problems with the home-friendly iBox Nano.

The iBox Nano is tiny, measuring just 4 x 3 x 8-inches and weighing 3lbs. It's a resin-based printer that uses UV LED lights rather than DLP technology which is used by others in the industry. The company claim that their lighting method is significantly more efficient with a lifespan of over 50,000+ hours.

Wifi is also built into this small 3D printer meaning you don't have to be wired up to it in order to send across prints. Another advantage of it being wifi enabled is that you can print from any iPhone, iPad, Android device, Windows PC or Mac just by using your web browser to access their free software for 3D modeling and editing.

Being the world's smallest isn't the only record that the iBox Nano claims to hold, its creators also say that it's the world's quietest and the world's only battery powered resin printer.

What does it print you ask? Well images on their Kickstarter page suggest it's capable of 3D printing anything small ranging from a chess piece to a dinosaur head. 

iBox Printers initially wanted to raise $300,000 through their Kickstarter campaign which concluded yesterday. They ended up well and truly smashing that goal raising just north of $450,000 from 1663 backers. They are pricing their 3D printer at just $299, which is incredibly cheap in comparison to some of its printing rivals and especially considering it's is being manufactured in the United States.

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