US government sends out warning about iOS 8 vulnerabilities

Red Warning Light

The United States government has warned users about the recently reported iOS 8 software flaws.

Reuters is reporting that the American government has issued a warning after mulitple reports recently claim that hackers can potentially get into iPhones and steal private user data.

The security bug that the US government are referring to is the one named "Masque Attack', which we reported on just a few days ago

The company that discovered the vulnerability, FireEye, warned users that hackers would try to use phishing texts or emails to coax the user into downloading an app outside of the App Store. If downloaded the app would use an exploit that lets it replace an authentic one already installed and the user wouldn't even know their device was infected.

Reuters has quoted the United States government as saying: "Hackers could potentially steal login credentials, access sensitive data stored on iOS devices and remotely monitor activity on those devices."

Despite 'Masque Attack' and 'WireLurker' receiving widespread media coverage, Apple has yet to issue a statement putting user's minds at ease, or a software update to prevent iPhones becoming compromised.

Given how popular iPhones and iOS has become in recent years it's come as not much of a surprise that malicious software is beginning to crop up for Apple's mobile devices.

You should not be too concerned just yet though. As long as users remain cautious and sensible with their devices, meaning they do not download any kind of software that hasn't come from the official Apple App Store, then their devices and all their private data will remain secure.

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