Ubisoft are tackling Assassin's Creed Unity's many bugs

Assassin's Creed Unity texture bug 1

Frame rate issues and many other bugs are in Ubisoft's crosshairs.

Good news if you've bought Assassin's Creed Unity this week, developers Ubisoft are working hard to fix all the problems many players have been facing.

An update on the Assassin's Creed website highlights some of the issue users have been hit with since the game's release in the US on Tuesday.

The post first reminds users that a Day 1 update has already been released, so make sure your system is connected to the internet to download that. It goes on to list the bugs they're working to fix for the game's next update, which I've listed below:

  • Arno falling through the ground.
  • Game crashing when joining a co-op session.
  • Arno getting caught inside of hay carts.
  • Delay in reaching the main menu screen at game start.

There have been many reports of Assassin's Creed Unity's poor frame rate, on both PS4 and Xbox One. Ubisoft say they're already looking into that, along with the other issues listed:

  • Graphical and collision issues.
  • Matchmaking co-op issues.
  • Helix Credits issues.

The post goes on to say: "We will be providing additional details in the coming days, so check back for updates. In the meantime, please continue to send us your feedback."

Assassin's Creed Unity launches in the UK tomorrow for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. But will this week's reports of poor performance hinder the game's sales? We'll have to wait and see.

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