NHS records coming to our smartphones in 2015

NHS Hospital

Soon you will able to access your NHS records on your mobile phone.

There seems to be no end to what we can do and achieve with our portable smartphone devices.

Come 2015, NHS patients will be able to access their most private records through healthcare smartphones applications. The National health service wants to make patient records more accessible to those individuals and the best way they think they can do this is to integrate their services in smartphone apps.

Many smartphones now come with health apps readily installed, Apple for example introduced their all-new HealthKit application in iOS 8 that integrates with other health and fitness tracking apps to monitor you lifestyle.

The NHS is planning on validating specific by providing the user's medical records. It's important to note that not all health-based apps will have access, the UK's health service will be carefully selecting which apps it will provide the privilege to.

This selection process will also make it substantially easier for GPs to recommend the best health related applications to their patients. The NHS hope to have GP records available to users by Spring 2015, then rolling out full a full access system by 2017.

According to the BBC, this move is part of wider NHS initiative to make the organisation paperless by the year 2018.

As well as patient record going mobile, they also plan to putting health records of children online, rather than lumbering parent with a red book that needs to be brought along to every checkup or immunisation appointment.

By making such records available online it's hoped that parents will not have to worry about forgetting important information, and that the whole process will become quicker and easier.

As with the majority of systems that involve customer privacy, all patients will have to give their consent before any of their information is accessible on the net.

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