Virtual Reality internet is the future

MozVR internet

Mozilla has created a new browser which users can download to browse a VR internet.

Have you ever wanted to browse the internet via virtual reality? Well, now you can, with Mozilla's new website.

Mozilla's MozVR is specifically designed with Oculus Rift owners in mind, and it allows them to make their way through various technology demos showcasing what a future VR internet could look like.

If you've got yourself an Oculus Rift and want to try out the new tech, head on over to the MozVR website and get going. You'll be able to sample fly-throughs of coastal British Columbia, a 360° VR experience of the Arctic (worth experiencing with or without VR anyway) and more.

The new tech comes as a celebration of Mozilla's 10 year anniversary of their Firefox browser, and they want "to help foster the emerging virtual reality Web," reads their website.

Not only is Mozilla testing the waters in this new way to browse the internet, they've also made the tech freely available to others wishing to do the same. So, if you fancy having a go at being a VR internet pioneer, check it out.

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