Vodafone announces it’s launching TV and broadband across its existing network in spring 2015.

Vodafone has announced it’s planning to launch its own residential TV and broadband service for spring 2015, in a bid to compete with the UK’s other TV and broadband companies like Sky, Virgin Media, and EE.

The company acquired the infrastructure of Cable and Wireless back in 2012, which it uses to provide broadband services to businesses currently.

Vodafone’s rivals, TalkTalk, BT, EE, and Sky all offer various landline, broadband, mobile, and TV services, which Vodafone is keen to match.

No prices, broadband speeds, or TV content have been announced just yet.

Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Ireland are all currently receiving fibre optic networks built by Vodafone for its 10.5 million broadband customers in Europe. Thanks, TechWeek Europe.