Labour - Please don't ditch Ed Miliband

The Labour troops are revolting. Well, some of them are. Perhaps a few. One or two anyway. And, so the story goes, they want rid of leader Ed Miliband as they don't think that he will be able to convince the UK public that he's up to the job of being Prime Minister.

Not that this matters, of course - after all, the current Prime Minister hasn't done much to convince many of us that he's up to the job either.

But back to Ed. The man with the charisma bypass, who is carrying all of Labour's 2015 election hopes firmly on his shoulders. So it's little wonder Labour's finest are bricking it. 

But, please, let's hope there's not an over-reaction here. As Neil Kinnock, another once Labour Prime Minister wannabe, said: '(Replacing Ed at this stage of the election cycle would be) tendering towards political suicide'.

So, let's hope Labour hold their nerve - like they did in the 1980s with Michael Foot, and more recently when the wobbles set in with Gordon Brown. Yes, please stay the course. Let Ed finish the job of making sure that Labour are reduced to a slighty-bigger-than large 'rump' at Westminster, ensuring that they remain out of power for several generations.

And, heaven forbid, don't replace Ed with that Alan Johnson character. You know, the former Home Secretary who remains popular with voters, and who is the nearest thing Labour has got to the straight-talking, no-nonsense UKIP leader Nigel Farage. No, let's not queer Nigel's pitch just when it seems that he's on course to become Kingmaker and Deputy Prime Minister after the hapless Conservatives find that they have been out-Toried and need UKIP to form a government next year.

Johnson can wait a few more months to take the helm anyway, and in the meantime Labour should send Ed back out to face the electorate and take his chances. It's the least we deserve. 

Nigel Farage - please keep your mouth shut

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