Tropico 5 out now on Xbox 360

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Latest installment in the Tropico franchise finally gets a console release

Kalypso Media have finally released the latest installment of their popular Dictator Sim, Tropico 5, on Xbox 360.

Like previous titles in the franchise Tropico 5 puts you back in the role of El Presidente, taking control of the infamous Tropico Island. This installment will see El Presidente take control of the island in colonial times, guiding it through the centuries and ever changing times. Tackling the needs of your people as well as those of the worlds leaders it is up to you to forge your own Dynasty. As always the game allows you to become a vain dictator or the angel of social justice, either crushing your opponents with military might or consulting your citizens and bowing to their whims.

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Dynasties are a whole new feature for Tropico, allowing you to promote members of your own family to positions, such as Ambassador, Commanding General or even Supreme Leader, helping you to ensure your legacy throughout the centuries.

Dynasties are not the only new feature for Tropico 5, there are also new Trading Mechanics, Scientific Research Trees and Island Exploration. There is also be a brand new Multiplayer Mode allowing Co-Op games as well as a highly competitive 4 player versus mode, a first in the series' history.

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As well as the standard edition there is also a limited edition featuring all manner of bonus content including 'The Big Cheese' and 'Bayo del Olfarto' add-ons as well as a printed Tropico Passport and a Tropico Postcard.

You can see a trailer for Tropico 5 below.

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Tropico 5 is out now on Xbox 360, PC and Mac with a PS4 version coming in early 2015.


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