Nigel Farage - please keep your mouth shut!

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is playing a political blinder. In footballing terms, he's scored a hat-trick before half-time and his team look on the way to a famous victory.

In essence, Farage has built on UKIP's political momentum by keeping quiet recently - staying in the background and letting the rest of the UK's political elite continue to show the country what a bunch of clueless idiots they all really are.

Never before in modern British political history has one man been in a position to change the shape of politics in these Isles by simply keeping schtum and allowing the three main parties to repeatedly demonstrate that they are a bunch of hapless buffoons who couldn't run a bath.

Take Nick Clegg (please take Nick Clegg). The boss of the Liberal Democrats is leading his party to political extinction. He is an increasingly irrelevant man fronting an increasingly marginal party. In fact, the only reason he exists is to keep Conservative leader David Cameron in Number 10, and the only reason he keeps his job with the Lib-Dems is because the nearest thing he has to a challenger is Vince Cable.

And then there's Ed Miliband. The so-called 'leader' of the Labour Party has no policies and no charisma. So bad, in fact, that he is beginning to make Gordon Brown and Michael Foot look good. Whether Labour's finest will have the guts to ditch Miliband before the General Election remains to be seen, but Ed won't be long in position even if he does makes it to May. 

Finally, we have Conservative leader David Cameron, a man of hidden shallows if ever there was one. Where's the man's back-bone ? When is he ever actually going to do what he says he will on such hot political themes as immigration and Europe ? And the so-called economic miracle (which many credit Chancellor George Osborne with anyway) looks mighty fragile now, with growth slowing and confidence starting to ebb away. Where to now, David ?

And into this vacuum has stepped Nigel Farage. Fresh from victory in the by-election at Clacton last month, and a strong showing in Heywood and Middleton, UKIP head to Rochester and Strood today favourites to gain another famous by-election win.

As the British people contemplate their future and look around at the 'talent' leading the main political parties, Farage stands out as a pragmatic, professional, strong and commonsense type of leader. All he need do now is to keep quiet, maintain course, and let the likes of Clegg, Miliband and Cameron continue to demonstrate how out of touch with popular opinion they are. And if he does so, the face of British politics will change for good come May 2015.

So, Nigel Farage - please keep your mouth shut!

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