BioWare GM asks what fans want in a Mass Effect Trilogy remake

Mass effect 3

Although this shouldn’t be taken as confirmation an HD remake is in the works

Aaryn Flynn, GM for BioWare Edmonton and Montreal has asked Mass Effect fans what features they’d like to see in an HD remake of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

Putting the question out on NeoGAF, Flynn started out with a list of items that have already been requested by fans. 1080p, 60fps, shader enhancements. high resolution textures, all DLC included and a seamless experience where the three games would flow into each other without having to go back through menus were all mentioned.

A number of suggestions have come back including controller support for PC and updated combat mechanics for Mass Effect 1. One user brought up the organic implementation of the DLC for each of the games in the series, so that it unlocks as you reach corresponding points in the story, to which Flynn responded, ”‘organic implementation’ is definitely what I have in mind, [The DLC] should just all be there, as if it never wasn’t there (if that makes sense).”

While the tweaks required to make an HD remake of the Mass Effect Trilogy shine are clearly on the minds of some at least at Bioware, Flynn did state in his post that this is just a ‘wish list’ for the time being. He later mentioned on Twitter that a Mass Effect Trilogy remake won’t be announced during the N7 Day live developer roundtable.



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