EE TV set-top box hits UK shelves

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EE's brand new freeview TV service is available in stores from today.

Mobile network provider EverythingEverywhere (EE) have jumped into the television industry with their new set-top box venture.

EE TV will be available for free to current customers who are already signed up to the provider's £9.99 home broadband service.

The company is following in the footsteps of Sky, Virgin and BT, who have discovered that bundle deals are the biggest money makers in the home entertainment business.

EE's new box is essentially a freeview box with quite a few nice perks. First of all, it has all the pause, play, rewind and fast-forward features you would expect, and also has catchup TV services.

What makes this box stand out from the rest though is its integration with you smart mobile devices. With EE TV you can register three smartphones or tablets with the accompanied application and watch different live programmes to the one that is playing on your main TV.

There is also a feature called Touch Control, which turns your smartphone or tablet into the actual television remote control. Also if you are sitting watching a programme on one of your devices, you can simply flick up on the screen to get that programme playing on your TV.

If you aren't already an EE home broadband customer but are a mobile customer, the company will host your 4G data allowance by either 10GB or 20GB for free when you sign up.

EE claim the box is worth a staggering £300 by itself, which is something we aren't too sure about. It's a smart freeview box with a few nice perks at the end of the day. However their valuation does suggest that they have very high hopes for the new service.

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