Vodafone has the UK's fastest 4G speed, says OpenSignal

New research claims that Vodafone offers on average the UK's fastest 4G speeds.

Research carried out by mobile network investigation website OpenSignal has found that on average Vodafone offers the UK's fastest 4G download speeds.

In their State of the Market Report for the United Kingdom, they found that over the last three months Vodafone's average 4G speed across all of Britain was 13.21Mbps.

In second place was EE with 11.78 Mbps, closely followed by O2 at 10.5Mbps and then trailing is last place is 3 with 8.95Mbps.

While it may offer the fastest speeds across the nation, Vodafone doesn't lead the way in terms of 4G coverage. After being the first to jump on the 4G bandwagon in the UK, EE are still dominating the 4G coverage charts.

Customers of EverythingEverywhere spend 50.22% of their time being covered by 4G connectivity, followed by Vodafone and O2, whose customer spend 38.39% and 36.32% of their time covered respectively.

Trailing in last place by some margin is 3 again. Customers on 3's network only spend 20.9% of their time attached to a 4G network, which is some way behind the other three providers.

Although the research shows 3 do lead the way in 3G data speeds, that should be expected considering they do not have a 2G network. However their customers also spend the most time without any signal at all, which isn't something to be boasting about.

OpenSignal's head of marketing, Samuel Johnston spoke to The Telegraph about the study's findings: "We hope this report can draw better attention to the current state of mobile network coverage in the UK, and help consumers better understand how the networks differ in terms of speed and real-world coverage."

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