Real life Skyrim horned helmet: How tough would it actually be?

Skyrim trailer screen 1

The real life version of the Dragonborn's helmet gets put through its paces.

The medium of videogames always offers up plenty of fan-made content, whether it be by way of a cool new mod for a much-loved game, or even a recreation of a game's cutscenes in real life. The creation we're looking at today is a real, tangible, tribute to one of the greatest games ever made - Skyrim.

The folks over at Man at Arms have recreated a real version of the Iron Helmet from Bethesda's Skyrim. It's the helmet the Dragonborn wears in all the trailers and promotional material from the game.

Man at Arms is a series that sees pro weaponsmiths from Baltimore Knife and Sword recreate iconic weaponry and items from much-loved games and movies.

In the video below you'll see the entire process of creating the Skyrim Iron Helmet, as well as the team throwing everything they have at the finished product to test it's resilience - including cheese!

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