Samsung Galaxy S6 could see radical redesign

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Codenamed 'Project Zero', the Samsung Galaxy S6 might bring the biggest redesign we've seen from Galaxy series of smartphones.

The year 2014 is drawing to a close and most smartphone manufacturers have released all their flagship smartphones for the year.

It's at this point when the rumour mill starts churning up again and the latest is that the Galaxy S6 will be redesigned completely from scratch.

Popular Samsung website, SamMobile, claims to have exclusive information that the Galaxy S6 has been codenamed Project Zero.

The name 'Project Zero' completely breaks away from the codenames of previous Samsung smartphones. Previously the Korean company used the term 'Project' followed by a letter for example: Project J (Galaxy S4), Project H (Galaxy Note 3), Project K (Galaxy S5) and Project T (Galaxy Note 4).

So what does this all new codename mean?

SamMobile claim that the breakaway suggests that Samsung have decided to completely overhaul the look of the Galaxy S6, making it extremely different from any of its predecessors.

There haven't been any specification leaks, but according to the report it won't be the specs that will blow people away, rather it will be the dramatic redesign that the Samsung engineers are currently working on.

Whatever happens with the Samsung Galaxy S6 it will need to pack a punch next year, especially after the disappointment that came along with the Galaxy S5. Many critics claimed the S5 was too evolutionary and offered little reason for users to upgrade from the S4, others also stated the design had become outdated and criticised the company's continued use of plastic for the device's housing.