Pro League of Legends player retires to earn over $800,000 a year

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An ex-professional League of Legends player now spends his time streaming his matches over the internet to earn a tidy living.

Wei 'CaoMei' Han-Dong, a professional League of Legends (LoL) player, retired from the eSports back in August this year. He's just 22 years old and now earns around $800,000 a year streaming his LoL matches online.

In an article within Portrait Magazine, translated by onGamers, it explains how Han-Dong used to earn around $491 per month. He moved up to monthly earnings of around $1,145 at the time of winning the IPL 5 eSports tournament back in 2012.

Han-Dong's $817,863 yearly salary is part of a deal with ZhanQi TV. In his contract it says he must stream at least 90 hours of League of Legends per month on the streaming service, in order to earn his hefty salary.

Before retirement Han-Dong was part of 'World Elite', the first eSports club based in China. He was with the club for three years, and would only get around 4 hours of sleep during peak training hours.

His time streaming matches is a much more relaxed affair as he jokes about losses and is under much less pressure. Han-Dong pulls in around 100,000 viewers each time he streams, and he puts it partly down to his good looks saying: "It may not be good to say this, but maybe some of the progamers don't have my looks." He also says female fans often say "I want to have a baby with you."

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