A new browser-based Dragon Age game has been revealed as part of the Dragon Age: Keep.

For many fans the new Dragon Age Inquisition game is top of their list, but the devs have just revealed an additional game to the Dragon Age universe – Dragon Age: The Last Court.

The Last Court is a browser-based, choose your own adventure type game you can access via the Dragon Age Keep, eventually. It’s not currently live, but some YouTube channels have been allowed early access to the new browser game, and you watch one of their videos below.

The announcement and description of the game from the dev’s – Failbetter Games – goes like this: “In Dragon Age: The Last Court, you are the ruler of Serault: an eccentric fiefdom at the farthest ends of Orlais. As the Huntress or the Scholar you’ll guide your realm through the most crucial period in its history. Will its ancient Shame be forgiven? Or will Serault fall into obscurity?

This is a game of lordship. You’ll manage the affairs of your court. You’ll choose a counsellor, a bodyguard, an accomplice and a lover. You’ll balance the concerns of your subjects. Will Serault be renowned for its dignity or its freedom? What is the greatest threat: outlaws, revolutionaries, or the the nameless ancient things that slither in its deep woods? There are stories to explore and secrets to unravel. What lies in the Sealed Chantry? Who is the Horned Knight? Who is behind Serault’s recent troubles? You’ll meet a host of new characters, like the Purveyor of Teas and the Acerbic Dowager. And maybe you’ll run into a few familiar faces from other Dragon Age titles…” Sounds interesting.

Check out AbilityDrain’s video which runs through the game below.

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