The creator of the famous graphic novel updates fans with more details on the Luke Evans reboot / retelling.

Following on from the news that the famous 1994 film ‘The Crow‘ will be getting remade for a new generation of audiences. Its creator James O’Barr thought it necessary to divulge some information regarding the new film.

In an interview with blogger Sean C.W. Korsgaard. O’Barr says that hopefully, they will ” begin production later this month, and start shooting in the spring.” He also added that Luke Evans “looks great’ in the iconic makeup.

In the interview it seems O’Barr wanted to stress how the film will not be a reboot of the much loved Brandon Lee movie.  

“We’re not remaking the movie,” says O’Barr. “We’re readapting the book. My metaphor is that there is a Bela Lugosi ‘Dracula’ and there’s a Francis Ford Coppola ‘Dracula’. They use the same material, but you still got two entirely different films. This one’s going to be closer to ‘Taxi Driver’ or a John Woo film, and I think there’s room for both of them. Part of the appeal of ‘The Crow’ comics, after all, is that they can tell very different stories.”

O’Barr also clarified in some sensitive words, that while Luke Evans will be playing a character called Eric it will not be Eric Draven as in Brandon Lee’s movie.

“If you read the comic, Eric and Shelley never have their last names revealed. Hopefully, this is one area the new movie being more faithful to the comic will come into play, and Eric won’t be going by Eric Draven in the new film. Luke Evans may play Eric, but Brandon Lee will forever be Eric Draven… No one understands that fear more than me. Brandon Lee was a friend and I’d never do anything to hurt his legacy.”

Its understandable that O’Barr needs to appease fans of the original film, but surely if it is a retelling why not just give the characters different names? Surely anyone who has suffered injustice could essentially become ‘The Crow’?

The original film was released in 1994 and in my opinion is still one of the greatest graphic novels to transition onto screen, it had a fantastic style and great soundtrack. The scene where Eric punches the mirror at the realization of his loss with The Cure’s ‘Burn’ communicating Erics rage still gives me goose bumps when ever I watch it.

The film is also supported by the dark and haunting score by Graeme Revell, who does wonders in supporting the tone of the movie. ‘Devils Night‘ being one of my favourites, and a track which is played at a point where we see the extent of Erics anger and the retribution which is inflicted upon those that stand in his way.

Unfortunately Brandon Lee lost his life in a terrible on set accident which resulted in another actor (Michael Massee) taking a break from the industry.

The concept for ‘The Crow’ was also born out of personal tragedy for James O’Barr , which resonates through out the movie . Watch the interview below on how the graphic novel came to fruition.




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