Bioware’s Dragon Age Keep is now available for players to prepare for Dragon Age Inquisition.

If you’ve played the first two Dragon Age games you’re probably all set to take on Dragon Age Inquisition next month. However, Bioware’s Dragon Age Keep will allow fans of the series, and newcomers, to craft their story from the first two games to set up how their Inquisition world will begin. Yes, the Dragon Age Keep open beta has begun.

Bioware originally announced the open beta date a couple of weeks ago during their livestream, and a tweet from the devs yesterday signalled the Keep was now open to all:

I’ve just started to sync my data from the previous games in the Keep, and to my surprise it’s actually found a character on there I’d thought was lost a long time ago. Although, I may just start from scratch and forge a new story.

The short Bioware video below explains what the Dragon Age Keep is, with pretty graphics, and narration.

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