What’s new on PS4 in the last week of October including Lords of he Fallen and NBA Live 15

Here are the new games coming out for PS4 across North America and the UK this week.

Battle Islands

Battle Islands brings some action-packed World War 2 themed strategy to PS4 as you control a team of crack soldiers on a mission to infiltrate and hold an enemy island, from which you branch out to attack and pillage other islands across the South Pacific


Costume Quest 2

The sequel to Double Fine’s hit candy orientated dress-up RPG lands this week as you set out to stop Dr. Orel White’s plans to cancel Halloween. Costume Quest 2 introduces a range of new features from the original including an improved battle system and a time travelling plotline.



An indie side scrolling horror adventure with a player-driven storyline that evolves based on choices you make, Home gives you explorative gameplay delivered in a retro pixel-art style. You can check out some gameplay below, beware spoilers.


In a Running Man-esque future civilians are thrown into some good old fashioned zombie survival in the name of sports entertainment. Attempt to see off the threat of the undead hordes as TV spectators vote on the number and types of zombies you are to face, throwing in obstacles to make your survival all the more challenging.

Lords of the Fallen

Play as Harkyn, a convicted criminal freed from imprisonment to battle the Demonic Rhogar Legions and save humanity. Lords of the Fallen promises some fast moving action RPG gameplay with a complex yet viscerally satisfying combat system.

NBA Live 15

EA Sports has added over 500 core gameplay improvements and photo realistic visuals to their latest new gen basketball sim to bring you closer than before to real ball-court experience.


Already out in Europe, Singstar makes it to PS4 in America this week. Show off your singing skills with new social sharing features and play the game without the need to own mic peripherals with the addition of a new app that lets you sing through your phone.


The Unfinished Swan

Following critical acclaim on PS3, The Unfinished Swan breaks onto PS4 and Vita as a cross-buy title. Enter a mysterious colourless landscape, throwing paint around to reveal the world as you follow a swan that has stepped out of an unfinished painting into a surreal storybook-inspired kingdom.


Those are the new games for PS4 this week. Jump in with any comments you’d like to add.

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