Another Week Where HITCs Authors Look Over Past Gems.

Originally I had planned to write about another film this week, but this past relic had found its way into my memory banks, which makes it the perfect case study for this weeks Throwback Friday.

The film in question is Runaway. Starring Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes and Gene Simmons.

The film was released in 1984 and was written and directed by Michael Chrichton, the same man who gave the world a long list of great movies. Including Jurassic Park.

But Runaway definitely fits the bill as one of Chrichtons more under appreciated gems.

Baring in mind that this film was made in the early 80’s, it had a very realistic approach to what the future may be like. No,not flying cars or hoverboards. But a future of robots that have become apart of the every day life, and are as common as your average household kettle. The difference being when a kettle breaks down or goes wrong, you can unplug it. When something goes wrong with a household robot you have a potential killer. Known as a Runaway unit.

Tom Selleck plays the part of Jack Ramsay, a police officer who specializes in malfunctioning robots.

This is probably the best role I have seen Selleck play and a step away from his usual nice guy role of the 80’s.

His partner is played by Cynthia Rhodes who you are more than likely to remember as Patrick Swayzes dancing partner in Dirty Dancing, she also provides a good solid performance as the rookie partner / love interest. Gene Simmons also does a very good job of playing the elusive psychotic villain, who kind of pops up now and again, in this Sci-Fi cat and mouse thriller, using his robots to do most of the killing for him.

Although he is equipped with a really cool gun. One I kind of marveled at as a child. 


Personally I think the film holds up pretty well to today’s standards.So the practical effects could be given a little helping hand from present day CGI, but Star Wars The Phantom Menace this is not………No.Sorry, bad example. Lets try again……..The Avengers: Age Of Ultron this is not. However, the film has some very serious and prophetic themes running through it. One concept from this movie, I recently saw in an episode of Almost Human, which is a factor when proving itself against the test of time. Some could argue that films like I,robot and 2014’s Automata could possibly have drawn on inspiration from movies like Runaway, and its a movie like this that needs the recognition it deserves.


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