The Far Cry 4 live-action trailer isn't what you'd expect

Far Cry 4 live action rites of passage trailer screen 1

A strange new trailer for Far Cry 4's rites of passage interactive browser experience has appeared online.

The new trailer for Far Cry 4 doesn't actually show any gameplay or footage from the game, it's a live-action trailer that pretty much makes no sense, at first.

The trailer is a series of clips from '4 different rites of passage,' and it ties in to the Far Cry 4 experience website where you can currently take on the first rite: a fight with a bloke in a cabin. To be fair, you do enter his house uninvited so he's right to be angry, but he does go a little overboard. You make choices throughout the browser experience, and it plays out depending on what you do.

Once you've made your choices and the fight is over, you're told how you've done and you receive a reward. You can connect to your Ubisoft Uplay account to tie the rewards to your profile.

The other three interactive experiences will unlock each week, with the next one being available on 29th October.

Take a look at the strange trailer below.

Far Cry 4 is due to launch on 18th November for PS3, PS4Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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