New Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Announced

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward

Square Enix have announced new 'Heavensward' expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV.

Today Square Enix unveiled a new expansion pack, named Heavensward, to over 3000 fans at the first Final Fantasy fan festival in Los Angeles.

Heavensward will lay out a new course for players and will introduce new adventures, an increased Level Cap, new challenges and much more to be announced.

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Square Enix have said that more information on the expansion will be announced at the upcoming fan festivals in London on October 25th and Tokyo on December 20th & 21st. Little is known about the expansion at this point but Square Enix have released the below, suitably epic, teaser trailer.

The announcement was made at the first major event of it's kind for Final Fantasy XIV and was curated to bring fans of the game new information as well as the opportunity to meet fellow fans and play live events. Fans who could not attend the event can purchase a Las Vegas premium live stream to view archived footage, announcements, stage events and the finale concert. In addition to this content, those who purchase the live stream will also receive an in-game bonus Moogle Attire. This can be purchased on Twitch

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We will bring you further updates on the Heavensward expansion as soon as it is announced. 


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