League of Legends eSports final fills Seoul Stadium

League Of Legends Art 1

The eSports World Championship final for League of Legends packed 40,000 fans into South Korea's Seoul Stadium to watch the winners take home $1 million.

The final of the League of Legends World Championship in the south Korean capital of Seoul this weekend saw 40,000 fans roaring their teams to victory.

The final was between Samsung Galaxy White of Korea and Star Horn Royal Club of China. The winners took home a prize of $1 million with the runners up being rewarded with $250,000.

You can watch the final below, or skip down the page a little more to see who won.

The winners of this year's World Championships were Samsung Galaxy White, beating Star Horn Royal Club in 23 minutes in the final match. Their final victory saw them take a 3-1 match lead over their Chinese opponents, meaning they only lost two games throughout the entire tournament.

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