Our second part of this week’s roundup takes a look at some of the top weapons and HUDs in the Dota 2 Steam Workshop.

Following on from yesterday’s look at the week’s top sets and couriers created by the Dota 2 community, today we’re moving on to individual weapons and HUDs (Heads Up Displays). If you’re yet to see yesterday’s round-up go check it out, there’s armour sets for Bloodseeker and Lion, as well as a couple of cute couriers.

First off we’ll start with the Weapons and move onto the HUDs, or Heads Up Displays.

So, the weapons – these are blades, bows, hammers, axes etc. that aren’t part of a specific hero set. Today is pretty much made up of just blade-type weapons, so don’t blame me, it’s what the community has voted on.

Juggernaut – Desolation

This little beauty is a take on one of the in-game artifacts – Desolator – you can build using other items in the shop. Once built and held in a hero’s inventory it causes attacks to reduce their target’s armour – it’s an incredibly useful item to carry when up a against a tanky team. The ‘Desolation’ item for Juggernaut takes the specific design of Desolator and throws it onto a blade, complete with crackling lightning and red ambient glow.

Have a look at some gifs of Desolation in action below.

Check out more on Desolation in the Workshop. Created by Ўuri and Drew Carrymore.

Wratih King – Catcher of Souls

This blade comes within a chest accompanied by other items for different heroes. If the entire chest were to make it into Dota 2, you’d be able to buy it and once opened it would have a chance to drop this new Wraith King weapon.

The Catcher of Souls is very much in keeping with Wratich King’s overall design, opting for colours similar to his stardard armour. Have a look at Wraith King modelling the blade below.

Check out more on Catcher of Souls in the Workshop. Created by [prosto-mogy] and KA’aS.

Clockwerk – High-Voltage Battlerazor

The High-Voltage Battlerazor for Clockwerk accompanies Wraith King’s Catcher of Souls in the same chest. It comes complete with electric-blue spark particle effects zapping off from the part that’s going to be bashing its enemies. It also comes with multiple functions, as it’s shaped like a wrench too. Have a look at the weapon below.

Check out more on the High-Voltage Battlerazor in the Workshop. Created by NikeyKA’aS, and Purfication.

Those are the top three weapons for this week. Now let’s take a look at the HUDs.

For some people the standard Dota 2 HUD is just fine, I prefer to spend money on hero items rather than anything else, but everyone’s different I suppose. The top two HUDs from this week are below.

Deadwood Hollow

This first HUD is described as ‘A seasonally themed HUD that is not Halloween specific; fitting to be displayed at anytime of the year.’

The entire wrap around of the HUD skin is made to look like an old gnarled tree, with the hero portrait peeping out from a hollowed out stump. An Owl sits by the inventory and it also includes a custom timer, stash, and lights. Take a look.

Check out more on Deadwood Hollow in the Workshop. Created by NMOP3PISdn.

Nature’s Call HUD

This HUD appears to be centred around Nature’s Prophet, and his love of all things green and natural. The Stash and Timer have been customised here like the above HUD, and everything is formed in a stone base layer with vines and leaves wrapped around it.

Check out more on Nature’s Call HUD in the Workshop. Created by Razicat and DotA2VO.RU.

I was going to leave it at that, but as it’s almost Halloween, and there’s a Halloween themed HUD near the top of the most popular on display this week, I thought I’d share it.

Jack o’ lantern HUD

This HUD gives off a slightly gothic theme with it’s main overlay, and it comes complete with pumpkins strewn across it. There’s a custom stash and timer too. Give it a look below. Trick or Treat.

Check out more on the Jack o’ lantern HUD in the Workshop. Created by SΔly²³ ΞVΞR and Endrit.

And there you have it, our first week taking a look at what the Dota 2 Workshop has to offer, and what could potentially be added to the game. If there’s anything else you’d like us to look at in the Dota 2 Workshop next week let us know in the comments section below.

Don’t forget, you can head on over to the Steam Community page to browse through the Dota 2 Workshops’ offerings yourself, and be sure to take a look at yesterday’s sets and couriers.

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